Company history
1980 November, “Tycoons Corporation” was founded, producing and marketing screws
1994 Awarded with the 3rd National Outstanding Small and Medium Enterprise Award in 1994; certified of international standard quality assurance by Taiwan’s Bureau of Commodity Inspection and Germany’s TUV ISO 9002; assessed as Grade A quality assurance by Bureau of Standard, Metrology & Inspection (BSMI), Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA)
1995 Tycoons’ stocks were officially listed and transacted on the Taiwan stock market
1996 A holding company: Tycoons Group International Co., Ltd. was established, which reinvested Tycoons Worldwide Group (Thailand) Co., Ltd. in Thailand to build a specialized plant that integrates consistently upstream, midstream and downstream for producing rolled steel wire rods, spheroidized annealed wires and screws
2000 Plant for producing rolled steel, spheroidized annealed wires, screws in Thailand was officially completed and was put into operation.
2001 Tycoons (Thailand) was accredited with international quality certification ISO 9001 and international environment protection certification ISO 14001
2002 Filed with BSMI of Taiwan and China for the patent right of the central processor’s fixture device
Filed with BSMI of Taiwan and China for the patent right of the improved structure of the central processor’s fixture device
2003 Filed with BSMI of Taiwan and China for the patent right of the planing –type finned radiator
Filed application with Investment Commission, MOEA for reinvesting “Huanghua Jujin Hardware Products Co, Ltd” in China through the third country
Tycoons (Thailand) was officially listed on the Thailand stock exchange and was changed for listing purposes to Tycoons Worldwide Group (Thailand) Public Co., Ltd.
2004 In October, Franbo Navigator S.A. was established, a joint-venture with Franbo Lines Corp. Tycoons Group owns 18% of shares
2005 Franbo Transportation S.A. was established, a joint-venture with Franbo Lines Corp. Tycoons Group owns 19% of shares; obtained laboratory certification from TAF (CLNA) and certification of ISO 9001: 2000
2006 Taiwan Steel (Vietnam) Limited in Vietnam was changed the name to “Baw-Heng Steel (Vietnam) Limited Company”. Tycoons Group owns 60% of equity. Tycoons (Thailand) was certified of ISO-9001:2000 and “Commodity Verification & Registration Certificate” from Bureau of Commodity Inspection on steel wire rod. Tycoons (Taiwan) was certified of BS ISO 9001:2000 BP
2007 Issued domestic unsecured and secured convertible bonds in total of NTD 700 million
2008 By the end of this year, all stocks of the company have been changed to common stocks. Registered capital was 5,522,304(in thousand)
2009 A holding company was established – Yuan Zhen Investment Co., Ltd., which indirectly holds shares of Franbo Group
2010 Yuan Zhen Investment Co., Ltd issued common stocks for cash, participating in capital increase for Franbo Lines Corp.
In June, Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC) approved capital decrease by 193,409,671 shares. In September, FSC approved capital increased by 100,000,000 ~150,000,000 shares
In October, the corporation issued common stocks for cash by 125,000,000 shares. After capital increase, the outstanding capital stock was 4,838,207,260

Tycoons (Thailand) issued Taiwan Depositary Receipts (TDR) in Taiwan; stock Number 911622, issuance of total 30 million units in commending Tycoons (Thailand) of 60 million shares, reinvest to TY Steel Co., Ltd.,, with capital stock of THB 840 million. Tycoons (Cayman Islands) holds 50.24% of shares while Tycoons (Thailand) holds 49.76% of shares

2012 In July, Financial Supervisory Commission approved domestic secured convertible bonds of NTD 300 million
2013 In April, Brunei Holding Company reinvested TYCOONS VIETNAM CO., LTD.
2015 Convertible corporate bond exchange for new stock. Capital increased to NTD 5,470,911,160.
2015 TY Steel Co. Ltd. capital increase to THB 1.64 billion, Tycoons (Cayman Islands) holds 72.98% of shares while Tycoons (Thailand) holds 27.02% of shares.
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