Our advantage
Tycoons Group owns a consistent vertical integrated key core technology, completely independent.  

Corporate Mission – Meeting customer’s needs
Core Value – Innovation, Self Transcending
Common Vision – A consistent operating plant from steel making to screw products by way of industrial vertical integration and international lateral division of work

World-class flexible mass production scale
Tycoons has built an automatic production system of vertical integrated world-class mass production scale in steelmaking, steel rolling, spheroidized annealed wire and forming of screws to meet customers’ various needs.
Group’s integration and collaboration
By way of overseas affiliates’ regional integration to build an international lateral work division system, and through the strategy of vertical integration and international lateral division of work, the technology of each division and the product characteristics is complementary with each other, upgrading the product quality and overall competition.
Sustainable development with environment consideration
In view of waste reduction and resource recycling and reuse, Tycoons Group incorporates environmental needs in the plant design and carefully selects pollution-free and energy-saving production equipment, continuously improves the manufacturing process, injects a great deal of money in building modern wastewater treatment facility, eco-friendly laboratory, and combines a green plant area to ensure the quality of work environment.
Tycoons continues to strengthen its core autonomous technology to develop a higher level of technology, more diversified products, to upgrade productivity and quality as well as its global logistic support center and service network, to grow with customers and create a bright future.
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