Human resources

To build good business operation and management and to improve systems, we protect the common interests of employees and the company in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. Therefore, we can upgrade our work morale, concerted spirits to make our company prosperous, advanced and sustainable in developing. We obtain the employee’s attendance rate from the attendance data to understand the employee’s work morale and also use it as the appraisal reference. We nurture our employees with education and training, and take care of them with our welfare policy.

Job vacancy available, work location, date of registration

Education & training, Nurturing & Retention policy
■ New employee training
   To let our new employees quickly join in the work environment, we arrange pre-work education & training courses for them, where the company organization, responsibility of each department, salary and welfare, work environmental safety, company products will be introduced for them to understand. In addition, the department head and senior staff play a coach role to provide coaching and assistance to new employees for them to cope with new work environment and let them familiarized with their job descriptions and corporate cultures.
■ On-the-job training
   We provide the opportunity of overseas assignments, which allows our employees to be assigned and meet the requirements of overseas assignment to realize overseas life and work environment, to get contact with different culture, to broaden their international views and upgrade company and personal competition.
■ Overseas assignment
   We provide complete pre-work and on-the-job trainings to strengthen and nurture our employees to be professional.
■ Nurturing measures
   We provide complete pre-work and on-the-job trainings to strengthen and nurture our employees to be professional.
■  Retention measures
   1. Through the appraisal mechanism, we select excellent employees as our medium-level supervisors to enhance our management performance.
    2. By using the job-rotation mechanism, we discover employees’ strengths and timely cultivate them with required skills.
    3. We have good and sound salary system and welfare measures to look after our employees.

Welfare system
■ Work hours
    08:00-17:00 Monday to Friday. Noon break 12:00 to 13:00 (A rotary shift may be arranged depending on needs of each unit on-site)
■ Non-work days
    In accordance with the provisions of labor laws.
■ Welfare
    An employee welfare committee is established according to the Employee Welfare Fund Act and the welfare fund is appropriated as         specified to be used for employee basic welfare.
    Bonuses are offered on Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-autumn Festival and Labor Day.
    Subsidies are offered for employees to travel domestically or overseas.
    Children’s educational scholarship, birthday gifts, year-end bonus, dividend, labor insurance, health insurance, 1 million dollar group     insurance, retirement petition appropriation, employee wedding gifts, new house completion gifts, funeral condolence fund,                       hospitalization fund, employee meals, uniform, speeches for employees by outside lecturers on specific topics in the plant.

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