Environmental conservation

Environmental Conservation

In recent years, corporate social responsibility (CSR) has been recognized as one of the corporate indicators by the international community.

“Profitability” has always been the target that the corporate is after. While pursuing profitability, how to take and maximize the corporate social
responsibility is one of the major targets that Tycoons Corp. is after.  

Since its establishment, Tycoons Corp. has always been adhering to the operating philosophy of “Honesty & Integrity, Innovation, Self Transcending”,
following the government’s labor related laws and regulations, protecting employees’ legitimate interests. While performing our business activities,
we strive for environment protection and pollution prevention. We abide by environment & safety related laws and regulations and relevant international guidelines and specifications.

With education & training and constant propaganda to our employees, we upgrade employees’ awareness of environmental protection, safety & health and prevention of accidental hazards.
We properly protect our employees from death and injury and promote employee health.   

On the road to constant development, there is only a start with no ending. Tycoons will continue to strive for upgrading the corporate performance with “Innovation, Self Transcending”,
and will specifically disclose the results and information of our operating, social and environment-protection endeavors. With the robust and responsible operating attitudes,
Tycoons will become a firm power for stability of our society.  



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