Environmental health and safety policy

 Environment, Safety & Health Policy

Adhering to relevant safety and health laws and regulations. Strengthening the communication mechanism. Eliminating the

potential hazard risk.
    Use the machine and apparatus that meet safety specifications. Allow employees to build good habits of operating correctly
        the machine and apparatus and use the protective apparatuses. 
     Implement self-management, conduct hazard assessment and risk evaluation, proactively find out potential risk factors in the

        workplace, control and eliminate the hazard risk.
     Encourage employees to participate in safety and health activities, to upgrade awareness of safety & health.

Establishing the environment management system suitable for the industry, preventing from pollutions
Strictly require that wastewater and gas from the manufacturing process not be discharged until properly treated and compliant with

the specified standard.
After being properly sorted out, the waste is disposed by an assigned qualified recycling and reuse agent. Continuously collect

pollution reduction related information.
Strive for reducing wastes from manufacturing process and lowering possibility of pollution, implement the pollution prevention and

environment protection policy. 

Strengthening propaganda and education, establishing the environment protection concepts and continuously promoting

energy-saving and reusing.
   Properly dispose of waste, enhance recycling and reuse possibility, upgrade resource utilizing efficiency, lower the impact to

      natural environment from the operation of corporation.  
   Provide employees with suitable educations in hope that all employees can autonomously carry out environmental protection

      tasks and save energy and cherish the resources.
   By promoting “6S” activities to all employees, sort out, rectify and clean to make improvement. Truly implement those items

      specified in the environment management. 
   Aggressively join in Government’s green purchase. In addition to purchasing products that are compliant with Environment

      Protection Mark certified by the government, we take the factors as power-saving, water-saving, carbon-reduction,

      waste-reduction, service life, etc into consideration when we make purchases. 
   Evaluate the impact to the environment and society by the purchasing behavior. Work together with our suppliers to strive for

      upgrading corporate social responsibilities.  


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